Assignment #1: (Due: February 28)

Short Answer: Worth 2 points each

  1. What was the name of the muggle who first designed the word search?
  2. Name one strategy that is listed in the lesson for solving a word search.
  3. What are the letters that stand out from others?
  4. What was the date the first word search was published?
  5. Do word searches ever have themes to them?

Word Search: Worth 20 points

(click image for larger printable version)

It's that easy, find all the words from the word list and e-mail a link to the completed word search to: Download the image and either print it out, complete it, and scan it in or use an image editor to highlight the found words and save a copy. Do not send the completed wordsearch as an attachment. I prefer that you upload the image into an image hosting service such as PhotoBucket and send me a link. If you have any questions feel free to ask them in the forum.

Extra Credit #1: Worth 30 points

Let’s make it hard, there is no word list for this one. It’s worth 30 points for a reason! There are 30 hidden words in this puzzle. Each word is worth 1 point. E-mail me with your homework as a list of the words you have found. Happy Hunting!

(click image for larger printable version)

Hint: The smallest word you will find is 7 letters in length.

Hint: The theme is (of course) Harry Potter related things (people, spells, Quidditch, etc.)

Remember to include you HOL Name, ID, and House when e-mailing me your homework!!!