Term Project: (Due: December 31)

Written by the lovely Alaia Logan

Please e-mail homework to  No attachments will be accepted.  Remember to include your full HOL name, HOL ID, and House name in the body of the e-mail.

The subject of your e-mail should be DE101 – TP - HOL ID

We have spent the term learning all about death eaters, the good and the bad. Now you get to have some fun. For the term project, you need to create your own death eater and introduce them to me.

Part 1. The first part of the project is to tell me all about your death eater by filling in this bio. Give as much detail as possible, and have fun with it.

Blood Status:
When were they recruited by the Death Eaters:
Why were they recruited by the Death Eaters:
What special talents to they have:
Most memorable/daring achievement:
What position do they hold in the Death Eaters:
What aspirations to they have for the future:

Instead of writing in a bio form you can write a couple of paragraphs telling us about your character, but be sure those questions are answered.

For the second part of the term project, I want you to get creative.
Two characteristics of death eaters are their dark mark, and the masks that they wear. So, now that you have introduced me to your death eater, I now want you to show me what their dark mark or mask would look like.

You can chose any medium you like to create one of these, drawing, graphics, or even search for a nifty site on the web and create a useable mask/dark mark for your own collection.

Once you have designed your dark mark or mask, upload the image to an image hosting website, and send the link in with your project. You must have a piece a paper in the picture with your HOL name and HOL ID.

We don’t need for you to copy an already existing mask, so feel free to recreate a new look for one and show us your idea.  Do not take something from the internet and claim it as your own. We will know.