Lesson 4:

Learn from Their Mistakes

We all know people can make mistakes, but when you work for the Dark Lord you want to try to keep them to a minimum.  Death Eaters have made some pretty big mistakes in their time and in this lesson we will go over a few of them. 

Let’s start with the prophecy, you know The Prophecy.  The one that Professor Trelawney told Albus Dumbledore in The Hog’s Head and was over heard by Severus Snape.  Though Snape didn’t hear the full version of the prophecy and reported to Voldemort the first half of what he heard which made Voldermort act on the little that he knew.  Because Voldemort did not hear the full prophecy he in turn decided that it must be about Harry Potter.  This made Snape frantic as he had loved Harry’s mother Lily for quite sometime and was afraid Voldemort would kill her to get to Harry, which of course he did.  Had Snape stuck around at the Hog’s Head, hearing the completed prophecy he would have known the prophecy could have meant one of two children born at the same time, Harry Potter or Neville Longbottom.  I wonder how this would have all turned out had Voldermort went after Neville instead of Harry.  Due to Snape’s carelessness he lost his long time secret love forever.

Next we have Igor Karkaroff.  Once the Dark Lord had vanished Karkaroff wasted no time trying to save himself from Azkaban and told anyone who would listen names of known Death Eaters.  As the years went on he established himself as the highmaster at Durmstrang’s school andwas part of the 1994 Triwizard Tournament held at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.  It was then that he started to notice his Dark Mark began to burn and rumors started about the Dark Lord being back.  When the news was confirmed, Karkaroff ran for his life and was able to live without being found for an entire year.  Though in the end Karkaroff was found, and killed by his fellow Death Eaters for disobeying orders from the Dark Lord.  Moral of the story; if you are going to pledge your undying allegiance to someone, make sure they are truly dead before you start singing like a song bird about who your accomplices are, because if he’s not, his true followers will find you.

Finally Lucius Malfoy. Oh Lucius has had some mess ups in his day.  To name one, he tried to fool everyone at the Ministry, where he worked, that he was not a Death Eater and was insulted at the thought of it.  Though it was very clear to all that was there the night Voldemort and the Death Eaters tried to steal the prophecy from the Ministry that he was.  Lucius’s mission was to retrieve the prophecy for Voldemort.  Basically a get in and get out mission. But once Neville Longbottom broke the prophecy, the mission was considered a failure.  What was worse, was Lucius’ colleagues witnessed for their own eyes him acting along with the Death Eaters, so they gladly set Lucius to Azkaban.   Due to this and a few other mishaps the Malfoy family soon became a source of comic relief for Voldemort to mock and laugh at, causing embarrassment for the family.