Lesson 3:

Characteristics of a Death Eater

Becoming a Death Eater means much more than being evil, dressing evil, and killing muggles.  I mean it might seem that way on the outside, but deep down there is more to being in the elite group.

Mental Intimidation:

When looking at the group as a whole, you notice a few things.  They try to intimate you by looking confident, looking mean, and making you feel like you are never going to see your family or friends again.  Fighting to kill and fighting to stay alive are two completely different things.  So much in fact that fighting to kill puts you at the advantage, while fighting to stay alive instantly makes you feel as if you are on the losing side.   To be a Death Eater you must have this confidence above all things.  You must make your opponent think they are going to die with as few words as possible.  This confidence is what others call insanity.  Be careful not to be over confident and think you are better than the Dark Lord himself, because you aren’t.  Know when to act high and mighty and when to obey your master.  Because no matter how great a servant you are, your master will not hesitate to punish you because of your arrogance.

 Physical Description:

I know this might seem a bit redundant, since we all know what Death Eaters look like, but bear with me.  Just looking at the pictures on this lesson page you will notice the individuals have dark clothing on, typically dark hair, no hair, or abnormally white hair.  Most have nasty fingernails, look unkempt, and their eyes make it seem like they are a bit off mentally, if you know what I mean.   The best way to describe a Death Eater would be when you come across them, you instantly would not feel comfortable around them, or trust being alone with them.  They just give off a bad vibe. 

We all know, when in full Death Eater get up, they are seen with a silver mask, black cloak that covers most of their body, and travel similar to Apparition, but it looks more like a trail of black smoke gliding quickly in the air.  One of the most important physical descriptions of a Death Eater is their Dark Mark on their arm.  Clearly this is a sure fire way to tell you are dealing with a Death Eater.   

Dueling Abilities:

Here is where you will see a Death Eater’s true intent.  They have an extensive knowledge of spells (including some they have created themselves) and have no issue using an Unforgivable Curse to finish off their prey.  They are quick on the draw and rely heavily on unspoken spells.  Death Eaters are highly skilled and trained indueling and should never be underestimated.  Doing so may just cost you your life.

Personal Life:

This is a bit more difficult as every Death Eater has a different personal life.  Some have enlisted their family into the lifestyle.  Some have chosen not to have a family at all.  Some chose to alienate their family to become a Death Eater.  Every member has a part to play in order to spy and gain knowledge, so your weird neighbor next door, just might be the person you would fear meeting in a dark alley at night.  There is no one set personal lifestyle that shows one is a Death Eater.