How should I label the assignments I turn in?

In the subject line type DE – HW#1 (or whatever number you are turning in) – HOL ID
So if I were turning in homework number two I would type:

DE - HW#2 - ne807

Remember to put your full HOL name, HOL, and House name in the body of your assignment as well. 

Where do I send my homework?

You can send all assignments to

Will you accept attachments?

I would prefer all art portions or puzzles to be sent to me as a link. You can do this by having you picture/project saved at a image hosting site.

How many points do I need to pass the class/earn a quill?

You need at least 200 points and turn in the final exam.

What are the due dates?

You will have one month to complete every assignment and extra credit. They will be due on the last day of the month, midnight HOL time.  Check the assignment/extra credit page for the exact date.

Are there extensions for the assignments?

You need to contact me asking for an extension before the due date. Of course, there will be no extensions for the term project.

Do I have to do all the assignments?

Nope, but you want to turn enough in to pass the class.

Are the assignments difficult?

I will try to give a variety in the assignments, but there will be essay questions. Nothing major though, as I am not a fan of essays either.

Is there any extra credit available?

Yes, every assignment will have a corresponding extra credit. 

When are the Term Project due?

Each term will have a term project worth 30 points. You will have the entire term to work on the project. No extensions will be given for the term projects.

Is there a final exam for the class?

Yes, and it is required if you want to pass the class and earn a quill.

When will I receive my points?

Points will be submitted once a month. Please don't bombard me with messages asking for points. I will make you wait longer.

How do I know you received the work I turned in?

My assistant will send you an e-mail once she has corrected your work, with the score you received for the assignment.

What if I didn’t receive my points after I received your confirmation e-mail?

Every month I will make a post in the class discussion area stating I have submitted points for the month.  If you have received a confirmation e-mail from my assistant and DO NOT see your HOL id in the correct assignment discussion please send me a HOL message or e-mail and I will look into it.

Are there awards you can earn?

Yes, I will think of some.