Extra Credit 2: (Due: April 30)

Please e-mail homework/extra credit to  No attachments will be accepted.  Remember to include your full HOL name, HOL ID, and House name in the body of the e-mail.

The subject of your e-mail should be DE101 – EC2 - HOL ID

You as a Death Eater: (Worth 15 points; minimum 150 words)

As mentioned in the lesson, we only learned about the Death Eaters that were true and loyal to the Dark Lord, not the ones that run, hide, or betrayed him.  Tell me why you would make an awesome Death Eater.  How far are you willing to go in order to impress Voldemort?  Would you run at the first sign of trouble? Can you take orders and not mess them up?

Escape from Azkaban Maze: (Worth 15 points)

A true Death Eater can escape from any situation (usually) especially Azkaban.  Find your way out of the prison in order to receive points.  Load your finished work to a image-hosting site and include a link with your extra credit.  No attachments will be accepted.