Assignment 1: (Due: September 30)

Please e-mail homework to  No attachments will be accepted.  Remember to include your full HOL name, HOL ID, and House name in the body of the e-mail.

The subject of your e-mail should be DE101 – HW1 - HOL ID

Short Answers: Worth 10 points

  1. What was the original name of the Death Eaters?
  2. Which house at Hogwarts were Death Eaters selected from?
  3. What was Lord Voldemorts plan for himself and the Death Eaters?
  4. What was burned into the Death Eaters left forearm?
  5. What are Death Eaters? (according to the lesson)

Mix and Match: Worth 10 points

  1. Tom Riddle
  2. Costumes
  3. Severus Snape
  4. Peter Pettigrew
  5. Azkaban
  1. Reported to Voldemort the information about the prophecy
  2. Changed his name to LordVoldemort.
  3. The Wizarding Prison where Death Eaters went after Voldemort’s soul escaped.
  4.  Black Hood with snale-like eye slits to cover their face.
  5. The Potter’s Secret Keeper.

Essay Question: Worth 10 points

Most of you are too young to remember a time when Death Eaters existed.  For this essay I want to know if by chance any of your lives have been affected by a Death Eater.  Was your uncle Death Eater at one time?  Was your cousin’s sister’s brother taken captive by the Death Eaters?  Have you heard stories about the Death Eaters from someone?  What do you know that you can share with the class? Details are highly recommended. 

If you use or quote from any outside source you need to cite them.  A minimum of 100 words is required for the essay.  Please have fun with it, as that is what it is supposed to be, fun.  Feel to make something up, as my assistant enjoys fun and silly stories.