Lesson 6: Dark Wizards and Death Eaters

For this lesson we will learn about Dark Wizards and Death Eaters.  It’s more of a history lesson as Death Eaters are no longer around; that we know of.  Some may ask what constitutes as being a Dark Witch or Wizard?  In short it is any magical person who actively studies or practices the Dark Arts.  This can include, but is not limited to, creating dark potions, using or creating dark objects, practicing the Unforgivable curses, and training dark creatures. 

It is unknown why some magical folks become dark wizards.  It could be because it was taught to them by family, it could be that something happen to them in their life and now they are seeking revenge, or it could simply be because they have a desire to belong to a group of people to feel important and other dark wizards are accepting of them.  When it comes to Hogwarts most people feel that 99% of the dark wizards come from the House of Slytherin, though this is not always true.  Take for example Peter Pettigrew, a Gryffindor, though he betrayed his friends and became a Death Eater.  There have been many Slytherins who, on the flip side, have not become dark witches or wizards; for example Horace Slughorn and Andromeda Tonks.  It is also said that the Durmstrang Institute is another school that dark wizards come from as they teach the Dark Arts as a subject.  Hogwarts, of course, has a more censored approach when is comes to the Dark Arts.    

Probably the most famous Dark Wizard of our time, and past Slytherin, is Lord Voldemort.   His true name, before he changed it himself, was Tom Marvolo Riddle.  He was considered the most powerful wizard of all time, and truly reeked havoc on the wizarding world.  Even when he was thought to be gone the mere thought of him brought out fear in people.  Voldemort had a group of followers that were elite to him called the Death Eaters.  This witches and wizards were considered pure-blood supremacists and had no regards to Wizarding Law.  Death Eaters would go to any lengths for Voldemort, including killing or be killed, or life in Azkaban prison.

Interesting enough all Death Eaters feared Voldemort just as much as non Death Eaters, because Voldemort held none of the group in his favor.  Voldemort trusted no one, including his followers.  Voldemort had very deep scars from his childhood that he kept close to himself and so few rarely even knew the real man, even though most of the first group of Death Eaters had been pals from Voldemort’s Hogwarts days. 

Also to be of note, though not many dark wizards are so loud and proud about practicing the dark arts, one can shop in Knockturn Alley open and freely for dark objects.  There are many shops in the alley that contain dark objects, potion ingredients, and many shop owners know how to get the rare and unusual items one might need to require for certain dark magic.