Assignment 2:

(Due: October 31)

Please e-mail homework to  No attachments will be accepted.  Remember to include your full HOL name, HOL ID, and House name in the body of the e-mail. The subject of your e-mail should be DADA – HW2 - HOL ID (replace this with YOUR HOL ID)

Short Answers: Worth 10 points

  1. In your own words what is a M.O.M classification?  Do not just copy from the lesson.
  2. According to the lesson, what is an interesting fact about the Augurey?
  3. Where do Ghouls tend reside?
  4. How many eggs can Doxy’s lay at one time? And how long do they take to hatch?
  5. According to the lesson which creature is obsessed with humans and will follow them around?  What were to happen if they caught a human?

Matching: Worth 10 points

Below are a list of beasts NOT mentions in the lesson.  Your job is to do some research and find out what their M.O.M. classification is.  Remember we are only studying the first three, so no going hunting for dragons.  You can turn your answers as Ghouls – XX, Doxy – XXX, etc.

  1. Shrake
  2. Ramora
  3. Plimpy
  4. Flobberworm
  5. Lobalug
  6. Crup
  7. Bowtruckle
  8. Fire Crab
  9. Horklump
  10. Grindylow

Discussion Question: Worth 10 points

Since you have already done research to find out the above beasts classification, I want you to research a beast (not mentioned in the lesson) and tell me about it. Is it dangerous? What does it look like?  Why did you pick this beast? Do you think this is a useful beast or not?  Explain this all to me in no less than 100 words.  Do not copy from another source. Cite all your sources.

Extra Credit:

Choose two of the three options below to make a total of 30 points.  Remember no attachments will be accepted so everything must be uploaded to an image-hosting site and a link sent it.

Writing option: Worth 15 points

Choose one of the beasts mentioned in the lesson and tell me why or why not you would have this beast as a pet.  Would it be too difficult to handle? How would this beast be useful to you as a pet? How would you take care of it?  Do not copy from another source. Cite all your sources.  Minimum of 100 words.

Art Project: Worth 15 points

Draw a picture of one of the beast mentioned in the lesson or assignment.  Do not use images from the internet, this needs to be drawn by you.  You must put the name of the creature on the finished picture.

Puzzle: Worth 15 points

Unscramble the names of the beasts. (Click the graphic for a printable copy)

1. hispapoupcm

2. imnnbduu

3. wgiyllbi

4. hfuilrpecz

5. braecbtl

6. gboudg

7. emogn

8. ofrowpe

9. ueblugbmlm

10. yverja

11. echlurenap

12. kanrl

13. obbenlkrjlo

14. fcolanmo

15. igaotln