Assignment 1:

(Due: September 30)

Please e-mail homework to  No attachments will be accepted.  Remember to include your full HOL name, HOL ID, and House name in the body of the e-mail.
The subject of your e-mail should be DADA – HW1 - HOL ID

Short Answer: 10 points

  1. Who sacrificed themselves to save Harry Potter when Lord Voldemort first attacked him?
  2. When one wizard saves the life of another wizard, this creates what, between the two?
  3. Which beast did we talk about in the lesson that has ancient magic in them?
  4. What are the four elements listed in the lesson?
  5. Will you need a wand this first month?

Fill in the Blanks: 10 points

  1. The “_______ ______” bounced, if you will, off Harry and back onto Voldemort.
  2. In this class you will learn how to protect yourself from, _______, spells, wizards, _______, and objects that are meant to cause you harm.
  3. The ______ can be created even if the ________ normally would not get along otherwise. 
  4. Legend has it that their thick ______ and ______ have ancient magic in them to help them survive time. 
  5. Even _______ have a history of magical type _______ and incidents.

Essay Question: 10 points

(minimum of 75 words)

For the first essay, I’d like to more about you.  Tell me about yourself.  What year are you?  Have you studied DADA before? Are you a muggle excited to be at magic school?  What are you most looking forward to learning this year?  Make this creative, my assistant likes to laugh.

Extra Credit:

Choose two of the three projects below to complete. You may only earn a maximam of 30 points for this Extra Credit

Art Project: Worth 15 points

Create either in photoshop or as a drawing of a muggle magical myth.  This could be anything from a beast, myth, or magical story well known in the muggle world.  Please upload your creation to an image-hosting site and only send me the link to the final creation.  Do not take an image from the internet and claim it as your own.

Writing Project:  Worth 15 points

Compare the myth in the picture you created above and how it connects with the magical world.  Write a comparison in no less than 150 words of the myth between the two worlds.  Make sure you write in your own words, as plagiarism will earn you no points.  Cite all your sources.

Puzzle Project: Worth 15 points

Download the image and either print it out, complete it, and scan it in or use an image editor to highlight the found words and save a copy. Do not send the completed wordsearch as an attachment. I prefer that you upload the image into an image hosting service such as PhotoBucket and send me a link. If you have any questions feel free to ask them in the discussion area.

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